Why Towel Warmers are Necessary for All Spas

Why Towel Warmers are Necessary for All Spas


The towel warmer cabinet is an essential component of many spas and salons, and it plays a vital role in the beauty industry. Warm towels can be used for many different purposes, such as wiping hands, soothing the eyes, relaxing the face, rinsing after a massage, and more. It is a very effective way to improve customer satisfaction by treating them with a warm towel.

What is a Towel Warmer Cabinet?

Towel warmer cabinets feature a closed heating system with heating pipes running across its four walls. They are usually used to keep moist towels warm so that you'll always be prepared for clients with cozy towels. Towel cabinets usually come with a stainless steel basket to hold towels, and the steam generated during the heating process will drain into a removable water collection tray. Gimify towel warmers have a built-in UV sterilizer to help eliminate any bacteria that might be present on your towels, ensuring the cleanest towels for your clients and improving their spa experiences.

What are the Benefits of Towel Warmer Cabinets?

1. Easily Plugged In and Used: The towel warmer is plugged in. To start heating, you only need to plug in the power supply and turn on the switch. It couldn't be easier.

2. Portable: Unlike the towel heating rack, which can't be moved, the towel heating cabinet can be moved anywhere, especially the mini size towel cabinet, which is very light and can be moved from the bathroom to the bedroom without any problems.

3. Low Energy Consumption: A well-sealed door will prevent the towel cabinet from losing too much heat. The cabinet will enter the heat preservation mode after reaching a certain temperature, so it won't consume too much power.

4. Heats Up Fast: After putting in cold towels, it will take about 1-2 hours before they are warm enough to use.

How Should You Choose the Right Towel Warmer?

1. Capacity. There are three sizes of towel heating cabinets: 5L, 16L, and 23L, each containing a different amount of towels. The smaller 5L towel cabinets are ideal for home use. For commercial use, a larger 23L or 16L cabinet is recommended.

2. UV Sterilizer. This function can eliminate pathogens in towels and allows you to provide your customers with clean towels and additional peace of mind. We include this feature in all our towel cabinets.

3. Temperature Range. Temperature of towels depends on the settings of the towel cabinet, which generally have a temperature control range of about 150°F. For a hotter towel, it is advisable to choose a towel warmer cabinet with an aluminum inner frame, which has a higher thermal conductivity.


A towel cabinet is found in various places, such as spas, massage parlors, hotels, etc. A towel warmer cabinet keeps towels at a suitable temperature and is accessible at any time. Using warm towels in massage therapy can improve blood circulation, relax tired areas of the body, and open pores. Thus, towel heating cabinets are considered a must-have facility in spa salons.

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