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2pin 3pin 4pin COB LED Strip Fast Connector

2pin 3pin 4pin COB LED Strip Fast Connector

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Material: high quality fireproof plastic

Width: 5mm or 8mm or 10mm

Connector type: 2-Pin (for single color LED strip), 4-Pin (for CCT or RGB LED strip)

Application: fast connect for cob strip wiring and jointing

Fit: 5/8/10mm width COB strip or SMD LED strip




1. Please carefully choose the size for your COB Strip!(8mm PCB LED strip need 8mm connector,  10mm PCB LED strip need 10mm connector)
2. Carefully check the +/- pole before connecting.
3. 4Pin connector can both work on CCT and RGB COB strip.
4. Please gentally press the connector clip (especially for the CCT and RGB strip) invoide destorying the COB strip.


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