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Horusly Candle Warmer Lamp, Dimmer White

Horusly Candle Warmer Lamp, Dimmer White

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Stepless Dimmer: The electric candle warmer lamp controls heat release and melting speed by adjusting brightness. You can easily rotate the button to warm the candle evenly to get the scent concentration and lighting brightness you desire with just one click.

Adjustable Design to Fit All Jar Candles: The height of this candle melting lamp can be adjusted freely, so you can enjoy most of the scented candles on the market. Yankee Large Jar candles, Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles, or other brands of jar candles will all fit on this candle lamp perfectly.

Safer & Cleaner & Stronger Fragrance: Our wax melting lamps feature 50W halogen bulbs, plug-in 110V design, and heating from top-down to melt candles. With no open flames and smoke, you can do other things without worrying about catching fire when warming your candles. The gentle heating method not only allows the candle to release a clean and smoke-free fragrance but also lasts twice as long as traditional burning methods. Make your room scented and cozy with this elegant candle lamp.

Multifunctional Decorative Lamp: This candle-melting lamp has a simple design and is very easy to integrate into various decoration styles. It can not only effectively throw the scent from the candles, but also create a cozy and warm atmosphere at night. It is suitable for various occasions such as living room, bedroom, study room, office, yoga studio, etc., providing you with fire-free aromatherapy.

Ideal Gift for Candle Enthusiasts: The Horusly Candle Melting Lamp is made of the highest-quality materials, and comes in an elegant package, which is the perfect gift for candle lovers on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, and other holidays. Trust us, and surprise your loved ones.
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