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Women's Sweating Waist Trainer Vest Bodysuit

Women's Sweating Waist Trainer Vest Bodysuit

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Soft And Flexibility

The neoprene composite fabric is soft and fits the body.
Inner layer: 100% Neoprene. Outer layer: 100% Polyester, 3-layer composite fabric.
With high elasticity, the product has functions such as body shaping and sweating. It can adjust the pressure by itself, making it more comfortable to wear.

Chest Support And Sweating A Lot

The style is a classic chest support, which makes the chest more stable and freely during exercise and releases the chest. The front middle zipper makes it easier to put on and off. The neoprene material can accelerate the body heat and make you sweat twice during exercise and weight loss.

Back Support, Correct Posture And Adjustable Velcro

Simple style, with 2 steel bones on the back waist. Support the waist, evenly pressure to the waist then tighten the waist and abdomen. Correct the posture, avoide waist damage. more convenient when moving. The Velcro can be adjusted according to the comfortable tight. Double pressure makes the product more effective.

Wear It And Shape The Body Perfectly

It is suitable for gym, sports, leisure, sauna, running and walking.It makes people shape a perfect waist shape when wearing, and can shape a perfect body shape with long-term use.


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