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【New Arrival】40" Bladeless Tower Fan with Air Purifier

【New Arrival】40" Bladeless Tower Fan with Air Purifier

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Gimify 40" Bladeless Tower Fan is a cutting-edge cooling solution for your home, bedroom, or office. This innovative fan employs a bladeless design and HEPA filters, providing a smooth and refreshing airflow for optimal comfort. The 120° oscillation feature ensures even air distribution of air, while the remote control allows you to adjust settings with ease. 

It offers 3 distinct modes and 12 wind speeds, giving you complete control over your cooling experience. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, this fan has you covered. Plus, the convenient 12-hour timer ensures you enjoy a comfortable environment without worrying about energy waste. Tailor the fan's performance to your specific needs and stay cool all summer long.


40" Tower Fan – covers a wider area
HEPA Filter – eliminates 99.97% of smoke & dust
Bladeless – safer and easier to clean
120° Oscillation – better air circulation
Remote Control & 12 Wind Speeds – adjustable and convenient


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